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What is Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory?

In Traditional Chinese medicine theory, “Yin”(negative, such as liquid )  and “Yang”(positive, such as heat) keep balanced, the vital energy, “Qi”( pronounce Chee, ) and blood will flow smoothly, we are healthy, the unbalanced “Yin” and “Yang” will cause stagnated “Qi” and blood, we will be sick, lots inner and external factors even emotion can affect our body’s balance. Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and acupressure…correct and/or maintain normal flow of “Qi” and the balance of “yin” and “yang”.

Acupressure(TuiNa, meridians massage), this style of therapeutic massage incorporated grasping, pressing and precise rubbing methods used to stimulate acupuncture points, manipulate the soft tissues and enhance the flow of energy throughout the body, the versatility of Tuina allows for effective treatment of musculoskeletal and internal did orders. Which further enhance the circulation of blood. Diet therapy, the Chinese have long recognized that proper nutrition is essential in maintaining good health and vitality,Chinese medicine allows for a careful analysis of diet with recommendations explained on an individual basis.